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Meet Our Goats: Mama Minnie

Minnie is Bambi’s twin and queen goat around here. She is our smallest mama, but full of personality! All the animals know she is in charge. Minnie is AGS registered and her next kids should be arriving in early spring 2023.

Meet Our Goats: Mama Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chip is our youngest mama. She had her first baby in July 2022, an adorable blue eyed buckling. Her next set of babies should be arriving in early spring 2023. She is AGS and ADGA registered.

Meet Our Goats: Daddy Sulley

Sulley is our main man around here. He has a job to do, and he’s focused on his task! He is polled (naturally hornless), flashy buckskin and produces some beautifully marked babies. Sulley is dual registered with the AGS and ADGA. 
Our Nigerians Dwarf goats are raised holistically on pasture with supplemental hay and organic alfalfa, black oil sunflower seeds, and organic oats as snacks. Mama goats are bred about once per year to ensure their bodies have time to rest between kidding. We currently have four females and one male in our breeding program.
The goats have free choice loose minerals, kelp, and baking soda available at all times. We check their eyes regularly to determine if they need wormer. When required, we mix an herbal dewormer with their alfalfa snack.
Baby goat kids are dam raised as we believe that gives them the strongest start to life. Our mama goats are milked once the babies are 2-3 months old. We do not push our goats for milk production since their milk is a special treat for our family only.
Many of our goat kids are born polled (naturally hornless) since dad goat Sulley is polled. We do not disbud goat kids.
Goat kids are generally ready to go to their forever farms around 3-4 months old. Contact us to discuss current and future Nigerian Dwarf goat availability.

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