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Here at Fameflower Farm, we have a small, personalized breeding program. Our dogs and goats are loved on daily with extra special attention given to our pregnant mamas. Fameflower Farm Pyredoodle puppies are raised to be loving family dogs using Puppy Culture training methods. Your puppy will be exposed to many different items, people, animals, scents, and noises to get them ready for a lifetime of positive companionship. Check out the Pyredoodle section of this website for more details and follow along on Facebook for updates on what the puppies are experiencing and learning in real-time. 

Becoming Dog Breeders

Both of us grew up with dogs and when we met, Sara already had a F1 Skip-a-Poo (a cross between a schipperke and a poodle).

A few years later we got our F2b AussiePoo (Australian Shepherd and Poodle mix, mainly Poodle based on the generation. We know many other doodle dogs and just love the doodle mixes!

When we needed a guardian for our livestock around the homestead, we found the sweetest, most adorable Great Pyrenees. Her temperament and demeanor convinced us that she would make wonderful puppies.

Since we knew doodles were amazing, we set out to find the perfect Poodle dad for our puppies. We found a perfect Poodle stud for our breeding program and the rest is history.

nigerian dwarf goat
nigerian dwarf goats

Becoming Goat Breeders

One of the first animals we added to our homestead were Nigerian Dwarf Goats. We wanted to add an animal that could be milked, but didn’t want 6+ gallons a day that some cows produce.

After looking more into goats, we decided we would start with them. There are many dairy goat breeds, but the Nigerian Dwarf produces milk with the highest butterfat content. They also are the smallest and therefore produce less milk per day as well, which was perfect for us. 

We now have a breeding program with four mama goats and one buck. Our buck is double registered (AGS and ADGA), polled, and flashy buckskin. Our mamas are all AGS registered. One mama is blue-eyed and also ADGA registered. 

fameflower farmers

About Us

We are happy you are interested in learning more about our farm. We are Eric and Sara and in 2015 we traded our condo near Chicago for a mini-farm in middle Tennessee.

We initially decided to move to a farm to raise/grow our own food, but we have since fallen in love with this lifestyle. We care deeply about how our animals are raised and fed and try to make all decisions for our farm with a holistic mindset. 


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